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How do I let newsletter readers comment on a post?

It's likely some of your most engaged and thoughtful readers are the ones who open your newsletter and read your post in their inbox.

While that's a pretty peaceful place to read, it doesn't give them a chance to add a comment on the post or join in a community discussion on your site.

So as a step to make that simpler for Outpost publishers, we've modified your theme very slightly so that you can link to the comment section on any post simply by adding #comments to the end of any post url. Small note, it needs to be "/#comments" so mind that final slash.

So simply change: https://www.dailyposter.com/climate-fight-brewing-in-brussels/ to https://www.dailyposter.com/climate-fight-brewing-in-brussels/#comments

That means we entered the BONUS ROUND!

You can now send out a link in your newsletters that lets readers go directly to the post comments for that newsletter.

Instructions: (video instructions on how to do this at the end of this post, if you prefer video.)

  1. Before you publish your newsletter, click the settings on the top right corner of the post editor and make sure you like what the post's url is. Adjust it if you don't.
  2. Copy the URL underneath the box.

It will look like: dailyposter.com/climate-fight-brewing-in-brussels/ without https:// or www at the front. That should not matter, but feel free to test a url one time to be sure. Just paste it into a browser, hit return, and see if it resolves.

3. Add an Email-only block that says something like? "Share your thoughts in the comment section." You'll probably want to put this at the end of the email.

If you previously saved this snippet in step 4, simply scroll to the correct snippet at the bottom of the block menu.

4. (OPTIONAL) The first time you do this, you might want to save that block with no link in it as a "snippet" so you can reuse that text.

Just click out of the Email-only block, then click on the block, choose the paper-looking icon, type a memorable name, and press Enter.

5. In the snippet or block add the link you copied in #1 to the phrase "comment section" AND TYPE #comments at the end of the url.

To do this, click on the block, then click the pen icon, then highlight the word or phrase you want to link, then use the link button. Paste in your link and type in #comment

Here's a video of how to add a link to comments in your newsletter the first time, including making a new snippet:

And here's a video on how to add a link to your comments in a newsletter after you have created a reusable snippet.